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WEEKLY QUOTE: Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, Something is out of tune.


How do i feel about sundays?
Ermmm Sleepy!!!!
I wasn’t kidding when i said so
But seriously though
It has been the same since i was eight
Mum used to say
We cannot be late
I hated sunday mornings
Just cos
arrrghhh i had to get up at 5am
I could barely open my eyes
Mum kept knocking on the door
“you need to get up”
5 mins more please.
Can i just sleep for 5 more mins
We had to beat everyone to church to get a good seat
My tummy was always in a knot
how can you get up that early
and have nothing to eat.
in the car my lil sister is jumping up and down
pisses me off
How can someone be that excited this early in the morning
I manage to shut the noise from her mouth out
Maybe i can snooze a lil before we get to church
drifted off for something that felt like 2 seconds
And the happy noise again
“we are here, we are here”
I just felt like slapping her
but the throbbing headache stopped me.
I loved the praise and worship
and the choir ministration
angelic voices and the cute choir leader
I always stare at him.
If i could just hang him up in my room and press his nose whenever i want him to sing
nahhhh! i bet he could do much more with those beautiful, full, firm looking lips,
hmmmm, wondered what they taste like…vanilla, strawberries, mashed mellows… Yummy!!!
And SMACK!!!! At the back of my head
Mum knocked me out of my day dream
Stand up! she frowned at me.
oh crap! its time for the hymn
I was embarrassed by the “less than holy thought” i was having in church
I shrugged at my human self and joined the congregation to sing.
Our pastor had a way with words
ministers to my soul
uplifts my spirit
the words in the same bible i read makes more sense when he says it.
I feel refreshed, powerful, confident when i leave the church
but now i’m thinking about food
Its 10am and i feel like i haven’t eaten for days
Join mum in the kitchen to make breakfast
toast, eggs, hashed browns, mum special sauce… yummmmmm
I can’t move a muscle, i’m so full
All i could think about was my bed and soft pillows
I stagger to my room and just before i close my eyes i glance at the time 12 noon
Thoughts of the cute choir leader’s lips flood by mind
I smile off to dream land
Sunday afternoon sleep is the sweetest
always tell my friends don’t u dare call me after 12 noon on sunday.
And even though i’m all grown up and living on my own,
no matter what i’m doing at noon on sundays
All i wanna do crawl up somewhere and sleep the rest of the day.



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21 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Imoh Eboh (GMD!) on said:

    Haha. Wonderful fiction. It actually does happen.

  2. Isaac Geralds on said:

    Nice one mum, well sunday mornings were days I always looked forward to cos as a child they were my days to shine in church and maybe I was one of those choir masters that got all the attention from d ladies and so sunday was d 7th day afta where I get 2 see all d cute girls struggle for ur attention afta church! Then afta church was YDI, I’m sure u remember ydi titi. lol my fellowship that formed me into d man I am now! Then sunday night sleep was d sweetest oh! Starts at like 9 shaa! Lol

  3. Nothing beats the sunday noon sleep. it’s the best part of the weekend (if only the next day isn’t monday). I can relate to the “choir leader crush”, there’s just something about those guys. I even got me one once *wink*

  4. Loooolz!!!! Nice post. Nothing beats sunday afternoon slap tho’.
    I bet the choir master’s lips would taste like Vanilla :D

  5. Letitia AKA Queen Tish on said:

    True talk Sis!!! Nice One.

  6. Nice one, dear

  7. Devonne on said:

    I can relate, which is why this is my fav one, back when I was like twelve/thirteen and I hated waking up early for church and choir practise but all I could ever really focus on was this guy Dan. I would always think: oh gosh, this is wrong, yet Im still thinking of his hotness,Ha! it seems like so long ago:)

  8. I know right, lol… Sunday mornings were exactly the same for me! I HATED waking up so early especially as it was supposed to be a weekend!!! Good thing I’m my own boss now, bring on 2nd services… :)

  9. LMAO!!!
    But why does waking up on sunday mornings always seem so much harder???

  10. Lol…beautiful piece there as always Tai…plus that animation came right after I painted it almost exactly as it is…lol

  11. Yea… Always very reluctant then… †ђξ service is always sooo long; u’re supposed to be i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ church b4 8am and would be lucky to be home by 3pm (arghhhhhh)!!! Bt things r much better now. Yes Sunday siestas still remains †ђξ best ..ℓ☺ℓ
    Weldone Tai Lo… Nice one !

  12. Blessing on said:

    This is awesome! Just exactly how goin 2 church use 2 be wen I was young, thanks 4 bringing back memories. Good one sis

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My Words, My Thoughts, My Life, My Friends, My Work, My imaginations

WEEKLY QUOTE: Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, Something is out of tune.


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