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WEEKLY QUOTE: Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, Something is out of tune.


She flipped the switch on in the bathroom
A bright light came on
She rushed to the mirror to look at her face
she smiled, it was still perfect looking
Even after all the dancing and sweat.
She took a few minutes to appreciate how flawless her skin looked
Her perfectly arched brows, her carefully shaded and highlighted cheek bones
Flush of pink blusher that warmed her face up
Beautiful colours that brightened up her eyes

and those perfectly shaped lips

She giggled
saying to herself “you can’t go wrong with Ruby woo”
Thank you Mac for covering those scars
Thank you NYX for hiding the dark circles under my eyes
she kept staring at herself
then the voices started
you’ll look better with smaller lips
your forehead is too big
your nose is too wide
your eyes are to wide apart
Did you see tope at the party today?
why can’t you be more like her?
She played back the scene
Everyone was talking about how how tight Tope’s abs are.
Yep! she muttered Tope is perfect
she closed her eyes for a second and flipped it open
but the voice only got louder
they were screaming at her
you are too fat
your thighs are too thick
you butt is too small
your boobs are too small
you are not perfect.
she put her hands on her head
shut her eyes really really tight
and screamed “SHUT UP”
they were gone
all the voices
Took another look in the mirror
she started laughing
I know i’m not perfect
No one is
I fail I fall I falter
I make mistakes
I have FLAWS but they are AWESOME
God took his time to make me the way I am
So I am unique.
No one is like me.
I am one of a Kind
she took out her blot powder
touched up her face
took one last look
a smile and a wink.
and went back to the party


Another 9R33N

My mum have been on and on about how untidy my room is.

I can’t be bothered to fix this,with my bathroom looking like a kitchen.

Littered with several cups because I keep taking a new one whenever I get hiccups chilling in my bath tub.

Who cares if my bed is my wardrobe and I’m sleeping under it with a necklace hanging almost from my ear lobes.

My waste bin sits right in front of my TV because every trash I throw has to sink like a free throw.

Yeah,I love basketball that much.

I think about it like it was some woman I long to hump.

Oh well,that’s it!

I’m not even wearing a basketball kit

Because in this world,it doesn’t fit.

Here,there are candles lit.

Different colors in several shapes.

Shapes! In front of me there’s a form behind the drapes.

Something like a figure eight.

And then two things glows through.

They look like pebbles.

I step a little closer,they shine brighter.

Then a split right below this pair of diamonds.

Then I see them,other sparkling diamonds.

About 32 of them in two layers.

Coming towards me,it steps out of the darkness.

I’m Star struck!Oh my goodness.

Where did she come from?

Looking flawless like a goddess.

Or even some princess.

Butterflies fly all over

Making circles in my stomach

My intestines feel intertwined

Like I had some wine in excess.

This creature hit me like a tornado

Leaves my inside a mess

Just as my room is a mess.

Only this tornado smells nice.

She parts her lips to smile.

Opens her mouth slightly

Before she says anything I give her a kiss first.

I am afraid she might swing her hand to my face.

To my surprise she kisses me back

Even deeper, I am thrown aback

The butterflies in my stomach

For a second they act like scorpions

Crawl for half a second then sting the other split second.

Then like ripples,goose pimples invade my arms.

Layer after layer they spread like wild fire

The taste in my mouth is sweet

I have never tasted anything like it

That’s when she speaks

She speaks to me in a voice so sleek

Oh,This is real! What a feel!

She says to me,come with me

That’s when she walks back how she came.

And I follow as I ask for her name.



Pacing up and down in the living room

I said to myself

Today is the day,

I am going to do it

I am going to find my voice
I will tell you exactly  how i feel
I have been waiting for so long
picked up my glass of chardonnay
took a big gulp
looked over at the bottle,
it was almost empty
i kept drinking
As thought about it carefully
Over and over again in my head
I heard the door open
My hearts skipped a beat
My mouth suddenly turned dry
My palm sweating
it was time
I Open my mouth to speak and it all came gushing
like water through a broken cistern
How could you do these to me? i screamed
I gave you  everything
my whole world, My life, My love, My heart
And you act like it means nothing to you.
Who was there when u were nothing?
Who was there when you were down?
Who was there when u needed someone to believe in you?
i asked between gritted teeth
Now u have it all
everything u ever dreamed of and it becomes so easy to forget
We don’t mean nothing to you anymore?
i was shaking, screaming at the top voice
i could feel my lungs aching
NO NO NO!!!!
You can’t throw all we toiled to build away
you just can’t
I won’t let you.
I’m talking to you
Look at me
please answer, say something,
ANSWER ME damn it!!!!!!
Silence was all i could hear and the sound of my heart racing
I was so mad, pretending you can’t hear me?
My blood was boiling
I couldn’t take it anymore
There was nothing i could do
So, i THREW A PUNCH real hard
Instantly, i felt a sense of release,
It was replaced by a sharp pain
Then the smell of fresh blood filled my nostrils
And there came the voice of my frightened 2year old baby girl “MAMAAAAA” she cried out
I looked at my fist, still moulded from throwing that punch
dripping with blood
I looked up slowly to the hundred images of myself in the shattered mirror in front of me.


Was looking at my family bbm group today and my dad posted this, i thought it was hilarious. but its made me remember how much i enjoyed my childhood. i looked through the list and i remember doing every single thing on it.
whoever came up with this…. THANK YOU…LOL.

Which one of these did u do as a child?
1)Dip d bread inside d tea?
2)Mix d entire white rice n stew b4 eatin?
3)Pour dry garri on ur beans poridge?
4)Share d meat & let d eldest pick?
5)Crack d bone & suck out d marrow?
6)Can nt eat d meat until u finsh d fud?
7)Put d mornin tea in d freezer 2 block?
8)Bite d crown & putin it inside d bottle of coke?
9)Use d meat 2 finish d remainin eba?
10)Putin medicine inside d roll of eba?
11)Lickin d plate wit ur tongue?
12)After eatin biscuit or bread, Usin ur finger 2remove d particles on Ur teeth & den lick it?


That Wednesday


This wednesday morning I know something isn’t right.
My heart keeps straying like an airplane that’s lost it’s light.
I can’t place my finger on it and my mind is blank as white.

What could have gone wrong,this beautiful bright morning.
I step out of class even though next period is in five minutes.

It looks beautiful because it is spring. The flowers looking gorgeous and the fields so green.
I try to smile and end up with a grin. A grin that breaks into tears,drop after drop they tumble off of my face.
Something is certainly wrong and I have to find out.

I pack my books in a hurry and head for the dormitory.
I pick up a few things including my car keys.
I drive down the road switching lanes,the traffic is tight as though the road is filled with cranes.

Cranes,I lift my face and there they are about ten of them or is it twenty? No,they are so many. I would have being alive if I’d hit the brakes on time before I ran my car into a pack of machines. Rochelle,my sister,my only sister,she’ll cry so hard and probably even die of hurt.

Oh mum,I was on my way home to share a feeling I found unusual. Marshal,my only brother,may he not take to drugs like the other guys in the hood.

Why did I do this? Why did I die? I wish I can cry,because when I was alive  it made burdens light. But I can scream right,will anyone hear me? What would I say? I’ll call for my grandma’s aid…Grandma!!! I yelled then I felt water on my face. She yelled back n said what?! Then I opened my eyes,oh God,I’m alive. It was a dream! My death was lie!



Here is a piece by my good friend… she has a way with words. check out some more pieces on her blog


I tried to look without blinking,

I stared uninterruptedly for a long time

It got blurry for a while and it I almost couldn’t visualize for a splitsecond until I blinked and there it was staring right back at me

So I started  drinking,
Wine, Whiskey and a lil’ liquor,
And with every sip and every glass I still felt my heart sinking from the weight of my troubled thoughts..

Day in, day out I was always caught by myself thinking,
Pondering and wishing everything away..

It was  persistently adamant,
With it there was no going away, no shaking it off, no shrinking, no flinching..

Its sound piercing like tyres screeching,
Its sight gory like stealing in a lagos hood when its punishment inevitably would be lynching
It reminded me of an evangelist preaching,
Its effect was adverse  cause classes I never attended about it whenever  they were teaching..

I got my self into this mess so I guess its time to stop bitching
Brace myself up for some ditching and dissing
I had it, I messed up and now its missing
In its place this monster I have created, I nursed it, I raised it
Now I gotta accept it, live with it and deal with it
Its not just a part of me, its now whom I have become..
It taunts me, it haunts me and constantly reminds me that;
I am a bad habit, I am an addict, I am eccentric, I am a misfit, and I am not going anywhere cause I am unique and I am you..


Flavour Oyi cover

my lovely friend precious Mba. she has the most amazing voice.

Tai-Lo Portfolio Book 2.

More of my work. consist of more extreme type makeup, creative, body and face painting hope y’ll like it.
Music is also by Lamboginny, very good friend and talented artist, download this song at

for more pictures of my work check

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Tai-Lo Portfolio Book 1

Some of my Work, a mix of makeup styles from beauty to bridal to creative makeup.

music by my very good friend Lamboginny, the song is called energy.

for more pictures of my work check

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follow me on twitter: @tai_lo and @tai_lobeautyspa


The Hype

We meet, Hit it off instantly, spend hours talking and laughing, getting to know basic things about each other.

then we run out of time. AWWWWWW!!! how sad, wish we could have spent more time talking.
we exchange numbers, we get to our different destinations and immediately my phone beeps… i look at it and i smile, the message reads “hey it was nice talking to u today” and i say “same hey, u r funny, my cheeks still hurts from laughing”
and so it goes on, text to text and call to call we build this amazing connection.
Everything seems perfect, we have everything in common, we spend everytime we can together, spend hours chatting, sometimes, its like we can read each other’s minds. we finish each other’s sentences. it’s perfect, A match made in heaven…

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WEEKLY QUOTE: Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, Something is out of tune.


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