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WEEKLY QUOTE: Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, Something is out of tune.

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Route 2013

Can you believe it is 2013 already?

When did that happen?
When did we grow up?
What happened to all the times when we were kids and had no care in the world except our toys and friends?
And when we were teenagers, it was all what to wear and boys or girls…lol
Now we all grown up, married and popping kids out.
Okay so its 2013 and over the last few days i have been reflecting over the year 2012. All that happened, the Ups and Downs, all the lessons learned throughout the year. these lessons have made me a better person, some i had to learn the hard way, some i learned from other people’s experiences.
Ultimately, i want to apply all of these lessons to my 2013 and make it a memorable, positively uplifting, awesome year, i hope it helps you too.
I know we all like to complain a lot about what we don’t have, and how our life sucks, but one thing i have realised is, you are always way better than someone somewhere, so stop complaining about what you don’t have and be thankful for what you have. I personally believe the more thankful you are for what you do have, the more you would have.
Words are powerful, they can make us or break us, i’m sure you must have heard people say so many times “i shouldn’t have said that” But you can’t take back spoken words.
So Think carefully before you speak.
Think about how what you are about to say would affect the person you are talking to.
Think about the ripple effects of your words
Think about if you really need to talk at that point or its best you keep quiet
Finally, if you must speak, let your words be edifying and not discouraging
Use your words to help people not hurt them.
there is that saying “if you don’t have anything good to say then say nothing”
This is such a big issue for people, yes i know i know, its hard to forgive and forget.
I have discussed this topic too many times and always wind up in the same place, people always say “i will forgive but i can NEVER forget” I agree it very very difficult to forget when someone wrongs you, especially if there is something that constantly reminds you to bring the pain back.
But recently someone said something that made sense about forgiveness.
When someone offends you, first makeup your mind to forgive the person and then when you do forgive, DO NOT bring it up or make reference to it while discussing with the person. it sounds hard but i think it helps and with time you would be able to let go and the pain slowly fades away
We are all humans we make mistakes, most times because we are being stupid or stubborn or just being proud, some mistakes are more explosive and damaging than others, some can be fixed immediately and some stay with us for the rest of our lives, those ones are like breaking a broom stick, you can’t put it back together again, you could try tape it, glue it or staple it but it cannot be the same way it was.
The most important thing is learning from those mistakes  and growing from them, don’t dwell on your past cos you don’t live there anymore and you certainly can’t change it. if you focus on your past mistakes you keep making them over and over again.
You know how you say when one door closes another opens? well sometimes we stand there staring at the closed door and don’t notice the new door open to us.
As we learn from our past mistakes, we should also not dwell on our past success, Yes you did great now move to the next great thing.
Very important, We as humans, we know we are not perfect, but what bothers me is when we seek constant approval, praise or appreciation from others, i’m not saying thats bad because one way or the other we all like attention. When we forget who we are and start to live out our lives for someone else to be happy or satisfied thereby hurting ourselves then there’s a problem.
Learn to appreciate and love yourself for who you are and that would shine through to others and they would appreciate you.
My very good friend told me a while back that no one is responsible for your happiness except you.
No one is allowed or permitted to make you feel sad or worthless without your consent.
you control you own life.
Never allow what people say determine how you live your life or your future, because most times these people don’t even remember the next day what they said about you and if you hold on to it, you would make yourself sad and miserable.
I Hope you all learn something from these lessons, I have and i’m going to apply them in my 2013.



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My Words, My Thoughts, My Life, My Friends, My Work, My imaginations

WEEKLY QUOTE: Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, Something is out of tune.


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